Winnie Marcus - Yoga Teacher in Georgetown
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Ixchel Yoga is based

out of Georgetown, TX

Tel: 512-553-9016

Ixchel Yoga 

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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.


I believe, our most important goal in life, is to evolve into our "highest selves" as best as possible. We are each to lift up and support one other towards self-actualization. Everyone, collectively evolving into their best selves, can create Heaven on Earth. 

I believe, every human being on the planet is meant to live a happy life but I didn't always believe that to be true.


I believed that I was prey in a horrible world filled with nothing but evil people ready to take advantage of me at any given opportunity. One must suffer, to be worthy of living, is another belief I had. I had many more. I adopted so many beliefs that were just plain wrong. 


I was fearful, stressed out and anxious. I was scattered and had no focus. I was insecure, lacked confidence, and believed what could go wrong, would. I was irresponsible and life was happening to me, not for me. I was drama and I thought my life was really the result of everybody else’s actions. I couldn't see, much less get out of the protective bubble that I had created for myself to live in, so that my beliefs could always be true.

Then, I found Yoga. Yoga helped me to step outside myself to “see” how untrue and destructive many of my beliefs were and how MY actions and MY perceptions actually create the world in which I live. Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Energywork helped me to strip away layers of baggage that I used to pad myself from reality. I've become the creator of my life, I am no longer a victim. Life happens for me now, it's not against me.


I am passionate about sharing Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Energywork with others because I want to lift and support my fellow evolving human beings.

Digging into ourselves isn’t easy. It can be painful and scary to go deeply inward. It may not be the time which is ok. If, however, you are experiencing some growing pains and are already doing some digging, some healing, some growing, and welcome some help along the way, please subscribe to my website.


If you have a story, or helpful information to contribute, please share!

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