Winnie Marcus - Yoga Teacher in Georgetown
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Ixchel Yoga is based

out of Georgetown, TX

Tel: 512-553-9016

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My Yoga practice started over 20 years ago. Ashtanga is my personal favorite style of yoga to practice. I am a professional singer, too. Mama says…heh heh…I’ve been singing since before I could talk. My ability to sing and perform on stage is greatly affected by my Yoga practice.

I got certified in Austin through The Living Yoga Program under Charles MacInerney and Ellen Smith and started teaching in Georgetown, Texas, in 2018. While I primarily teach Vinyasa (or “Flow”) style yoga, I also teach Yin Yoga. My classes tend to be a mix of styles. I suggest modifications to individuals needing more or less intensity. I teach beginners to intermediates and all ages.

My classes focus on breathing diaphragmatically and achieving a positive mindset by tapping into and raising one’s own vibrational energy. Happiness is what I promote in my classes. Being happy, being authentic, being in touch with self. I promote unapologetic, unconditional love for self. I want students to feel free to be themselves. I want them to experience how Yoga can help them to get closer to true self, to home, to find happy. Yoga makes us feel good. You are allowed to have a sense of humor and to be real in my classes.

Ultimately, my goal in life is to be happy. To be my most authentic self. To be comfortable in my own skin. To have unapologetic, UNCONDITIONAL love for self. Yoga helps me to mature on all levels and propels me on my journey. I am compelled to help anyone interested in finding more happiness in their lives through the practice of Yoga.

The rules in my class are that it is YOUR CLASS! I am your GUIDE and YOU are the BOSS OF YOU. I encourage you to think more in terms of what works and what doesn’t, what feels good, and what doesn’t rather than what is good/bad, right/wrong.

If you want to explore what Yoga can do for you, whether you are a beginner or Yoga is already your thing, come check out my classes.



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