Winnie Marcus - Yoga Teacher in Georgetown

Get a deal now and get a jump on your January goals!

We are all thinking of Thanksgiving this week. Working out might be slipping down the list of priorities, which is totally understandable. This week, though, is the last week to get some great Yoga deals at FACT Fitness. The best deal being A LOCKED IN RATE OF $5/ CLASS MONTHLY!! Check it out here:

Now, I am willing to bet, with full bellies after Thanksgiving, we will be reminding ourselves of how we need to work out. So, why not take advantage of our grand opening promotions NOW and digest comfortably LATER knowing that you have set yourself up with some yoga classes??

Get your classes discounted now and come to classes in December and you will have a jump on your January workout goals! Personally, I find myself more successful at attaining my goals when I give myself ample time to contemplate and visualize (and get started) before my goal start date. Try it!

Here's the link to the schedule:

You can either use the above link to pick a class, click to book it and then pick a package/pay for it OR you purchase the package/drop-in, first, and then schedule the class(es) as you wish. Packages:

Do you have a friend you would like to bring? Get them the gift of yoga! Get them the same 4 classes for $5 each (not monthly).

BTW, there is a Vinyasa class on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving at 1pm!!!!

I know this Thanksgiving is different. You are still you. Yoga.